The Girl at the Back of the Bus

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5 Stars

Girl at the Back of the Bus

Girl at the Back of the Bus

The Girl at the Back of the Bus is an intriguing, heartwarming, awe-inspiring page turner.


Sixteen-year-old Mattie Banks finds herself in between a rock and a hard place. Pregnant and unwed, she has some major adult decisions to make. In route to take care of business, she encounters the exchange of a woman by the name of Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her seat. Who knew she would be on a bus ride that would change her life and perspective forever?


Being passed over for a promotion that based on merit, hard work, experience, work ethics to include case wins, Ashlee Turner should have been next in line for senior partner. Once again, she has been snubbed by systematic biases and racial inequality behavior that should have long been over. To clear her head, Ashlee takes a much-needed leave of absence. Returning home for a sense of safety and security, she is confronted with her ailing grandmother and her story that needs to be told with life changing revelations and family secrets. Ashlee is at a crossroad with her career, personal relationship, and a journey of self-discovery. And to add to her list of uncertainties, the unveiling of her grandmother’s past and personal truth, if exposed could bring devastation to her family.

The parallel of the two storylines of Mattie and Ashlee, past meets present, is amazing. The solidarity and preciseness of both, bring for a crisp read that places you in the middle with a sense that you are right there through the journey of Mattie and even present day, Ashlee.

Suzette D. Harrison scores a wow factor as she cleverly intercedes and hits the mark with a dual timeline. Captivating your attention, a beautifully crafted storyline unfolds, bringing you a remarkable parallel leaving you with an indescribable feeling and rooting for the win of both Mattie and Ashlee. With a common theme of love, family, hope, forgiveness and togetherness, this dual time period piece endowed with rich heritage and legacy leaves you with a sense of pride and longing for the story of Mattie to be told.

Worthy of completing in one day, I recommend it to all looking for a blast from the past meet present day read. With a smile on your face, you will find yourself thinking of the characters days after your unforgettable encounter with The Girl at the Back of the Bus.

Girl at the Back of the Bus

Girl at the Back of the Bus